Todays commercial architecture incorporates expansive glass windows, atriums and skylights. People are drawn to and feel more comfortable in buildings rich with natural light, whether in an office building, retail mall, hotel, restaurant, art gallery or airport. The downside is this comes at a high price for the occupants, building owners and managers. While the abundance of glass allows in plenty of natural lighting, it also allows excessive heat build up making energy costs soar! In addition the abundance of glass allows unfiltered UV rays to damage interiors and create distracting glare within the building and on computer screens and TV's. 
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The Pros to installing Vista Window Film to any building means you can optimize energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling bills, prolong the life of displays, merchandise and interior furnishings. In addition to this the film even creates a more comfortable space for occupants and their customers. All of this while never taking away from natural light and your beautiful views!

Vista Window Films are perfect for making your older buildings aesthetically more modern and also energy efficient for a fraction of the cost of replacing the old windows!
As a homeowner or business owner you are fully aware of the everyday possibilities of a break in or simply a mishap leaving us vulnerable to the outside world and it's elements. With Llumar Magnum Safety and Security Films you can give your home or business added security from natural disasters or vandalism. 

Llumar Magnum Window Films are installed in many US Embassies and other governmental buildings around the world. 
Llumar Magnum films are made with layers of DuPont Teijin's Mylar Polyester film bonded by special adhesives. These films have had extensive blast testing so you can be assured they will not fail you when you need it most. 
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