We are proud to carry an exclusive product called Vista Window Film that will be used for all of our residential window tinting. All Vista Window Films offer 99.9% UVA and UVB rejection. Vista Films also do not contain any dyes or pigments so they are guaranteed not to change or lose color over time. All Vista Films have a CDF (Clear Distortion Free) Adhesive System that differs from all other products on the market. This adhesive has never failed in over 20 years of use and will never peel or bubble. Only the finest materials are used to manufacture Vista Window Films. Vista Window Films are made specifically with your home in mind. The products in the Vista Line have a clarity that is unlike any other product and most of the films are undetectable with the eye after installation! Imagine being able to protect your floors, furnishings, antiques, precious pictures and family while still keeping and even enhancing your view of outside with this simple window tinting in Richmond!
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How Does Vista Work?
Facts about Fading
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Vista's Window Films chemical bond to your windows with leading-edge clear, distortion-free adhesives. The Film allows glare-controlled sunlight to pass through your windows, while screening out heat and harmful UV rays. By keeping your "bought air" from escaping through your windows, Vista helps to control hot and cold spots throughout your home or building.

As seen to the right the diagram provides a closer look at what the film actual does after installation.
Fading is inevitable, and everything, including automotive tinting, will fade over time. Even from weak sunlight, things will eventually fade. It just may take longer than an area that is exposed to intense sunlight. Fading is a result of three "sunlight" factors:
  • indoor artificial lighting 
  • humidity 
  • poor dyes
Seen to the left are the basic causes of fading broken down.

Sunlight is primarily made up of the following three elements:
  • Visible Light-the part which enables us to see. 
  • Inferred Light-the part which we feel as heat. 
  • Ultraviolet Light-we cannot feel or see it but it is the main factor in fading.
How our house window tinting works
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